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Errol Lee - multi-award winning singer/songwriter


ERROL LEE — Singer / Songwriter

A multi-award winning singer/songwriter and champion of youth advocacy, Errol believes it’s cool to care. Born into a large family (one of 25 children) which has an inherent musical gift, Errol is the second child of reggae Music singer-songwriter, Merlene Webber and one of Reggae's more celebrated music producer Bunny Lee.

Growing up in very difficult and challenging circumstances has taught him many life lessons. Lessons he uses to inspire in others things such as living a life of integrity and self-worth. He shares these ideals with elementary, secondary, college, university, community and business audiences across Canada.

Errol's Unique and energetic style seamless weaves singing and dancing into a comprehensive educational experience for adults and youth alike.

The overall message is engineered to present a meaningful message about the importance of showing each other we care.

Errol is also the founder of Caring Concerts Not For Profit.

Caring Concerts are multi-sensory presentations that utilize music, movement, media and visual communication strategies to provide audiences with opportunities to interact with him. They are encouraged to sing along to the songs, dance to the music and be inspired to care about others and the environment.

Errol’s ability to captivate and motivate audiences of all ages transcends the cool barrier and effectively communicates his core belief that each person is unique and has inherent value.

A family man himself, Errol is a devoted husband of 20 years and loving father of two gifted girls and three talented boys.


The City of Vaughan used "We Care" to promote their Peace Tree Festival  during which children and their families celebrate peace and diversity. It was also incorporated into a televised PSA for Project CODE   so children everywhere were inspired to reach their full potential.

Sistema Toronto scored "Better Place", "The Golden Rule" and "Reaching Out to You" and performed them during a fundraising event. This aided in their mission to provide free ensemble-based music lessons to students and expand their program into the Toronto District School Board's Yorkwoods P.S. just to name a few.


Errol Lee is the recipient of several awards and accolades including but not limited to: Barrie Arts Award for contribution to the community, York Region character through the arts award, Harry Jerome excellence in the arts award, MACCA award for outstanding contribution and service to our community in honour of Black History, YMCA Peace Medallion, OPP special recognition award for his work with at-risk youth.

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