Errol Lee’s interest in and talent for music were evident at a very early age. As the son of famous Jamaican record producer Bunny Lee and recording artist Merlene Webber, Errol was immersed in the music industry from a very early age so it was only natural he would pursue a career in music. Initially, he began by writing songs and performing them on local television shows and at local venues.


At the age of fifteen, Errol began to focus on exploring his musical talents in earnest. When he was twenty-one, he performed on Much Music’s Electric Circus. His performance of “Don’t Be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” caught the attention of record producers and he was offered the opportunity to go to England to negotiate a recording contract. Excited at the prospect, Errol met with producers only to discover they wanted him to take his music and lyrics in a direction he knew was wrong for him. He knew he had to follow his own path and stay true to what he knew was right for him. Errol would not compromise his values and beliefs for a record deal and so he moved back to Canada to pursue his music in his own way. 

Back in Canada, Errol found his niche as he began to involve himself in community service. Volunteering his time with various organizations, he realized that he could use his music to make an impact on the lives of young people who desperately needed a positive role model in their lives. Errol knew that through his music and community work, he could teach, model and nurture positive attitudes and behaviour that could assist youth in their personal development. Lyrically, he knew it was possible to appeal to people without resorting to gratuitous violence, profanity and promiscuity. 

Today, as a successful singer, songwriter, dancer, recording artist, performer, author and motivational speaker, Errol’s positive message of the importance of developing good character is reaching thousands of people of all ages in elementary, secondary and private schools, colleges, universities, youth groups, camps, YMCAs, O.P.P and local police services, community groups, businesses and corporations. 

Errol’s music and his positive message are especially meaningful in today’s world where there is so much negativity, violence, sadness and pain. Not only does he sing about honesty, empathy, respect and optimism, he lives his life that way. Errol is a loving and devoted husband and father. He lives with his wife, Anne Marie and their four children in Barrie, Ontario.

His performance style transcends the “cool barrier” and effectively affirms his belief that each person is inherently valuable. Errol’s unique, diverse talents and focus on both performance and education set him apart from any other performer.