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Errol Lee's interest and talent for music were evident at a very early age. It was only natural he would pursue a career in music. He began by writing songs and performing them on local television shows and at local venues.

Lee found his niche when he began to involve himself in community service. Volunteering his time with various organizations, he realized that he could use his music to make a difference in the lives of young people who desperately needed a positive role model. Lee also offers his message to corporations and organizations throughout North America.


Errol Lee’s unique, diverse talents and focus on both performance and education set him apart from any other performer. His performance style simply weaves singing and dancing into a comprehensive educational experience that transcends the “cool barrier” and effectively affirms his belief that each person is inherently valuable. 


"A positive message is especially meaningful in today's world. There is so much negativity, violence, sadness, and pain that kids – and adults – struggle to stay upbeat and feel engaged. If my songs and presentations can move even one person to feel more confident in themselves then it is worth the effort."

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