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After unprecedented changes in education and the accompanying demands on educators, never before has character education been so important in teaching our children the traits they need in order to cope with our ever-changing, stressful world.


Caring Kids Concerts are sponsored by individuals, corporations, business owners, community leaders and through a diverse assortment of grants. We appreciate this crucial financial support as we work together to help make the world a better place through our message and our music.


I am pleased to announce that we have adapted our programs to transition to an online format and remain prepared to provide in-person learning when advised by the Government of Ontario and the Ministry of Education that it is safe and appropriate to do so.


The goal of Caring Kids Concerts is to teach, model and nurture positive character, self-esteem and confidence through the arts. All lessons and programs are multi-sensory presentations that use music, media and visual communication strategies to present a meaningful message that addresses the age and stage of development of each audience. All programs support student mental health and well-being.


Our intention is to reach those students in schools and communities who, for a variety of reasons, might not have access to lessons or programs that focus on and develop the arts. Through focus on the performing arts and character lessons, students can acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and self-discipline necessary to develop their potential as promising young people.


Students will participate in a variety of character education lessons reinforced through music and dance. The culmination of these lessons will be a Caring Kids Concert during which students will perform alongside Errol in a positive and entertaining experience for their family, friends and school community.

Errol Lee - Caring Concerts
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